Rebuild Florida Update

REBUILD FLORIDA REGISTRATION DEADLINE EXTENDED TO MARCH 29, 2019. To register for this program, homeowners can: Go online to • Call 844-833-1010 • Visit the Rebuild Florida center at 2796 Overseas Highway in Marathon • Visit a mobile bus. The evolving schedule is located on  

Rebuild Florida Grant Program

Rebuild Florida is a grant program of the Florida Department of Economic Opportunity to assist those Florida homeowners impacted by Hurricane Irma. The first phase of Rebuild Florida is the Housing Repair Program, which will assist families to rebuild their homes that were damaged or destroyed by Hurricane Irma. Registration can be completed in 15-30 minutes online at or by calling 844-833-1010. After you register you will receive confirmation your registration is complete.

2018 Hurricane Season Info

It’s Hurricane Season. Residents are reminded to plan and prepare early. Follow us here and on our Facebook Page at all season for more information. For accurate forecasting and updates go to the National Hurricane center at To sign up for updates and receive more information from Monroe County Emergency Management go to Lets be ready!

Hurricane Irma Recovery Information

Deadline June 1, 2018 –  Local business owners, let your voice be heard.  The International Economic Development Council is conducting an anonymous survey which is essential for obtaining the resources necessary to support local businesses recovering from Hurricane Irma.  You may complete the survey online at Paper surveys are available at Marathon’s City Hall at 9805 Overseas Highway, Marathon Florida. Click HERE for news release.     Habitat for Humanity of the Middle Keys is providing Critical Home Repairs and Disaster Recovery Repairs to assist Irma-damaged homes for our island.  This program is for primary residents in the Middle Keys which are struggling to complete repairs.  There is an application process in order to qualify.  These imperative repairs require us to utilize volunteers. We need you.  We invite individuals and businesses/groups that want to put a team together for a good cause.   Volunteering with Habitat for Humanity is an amazing way to give back to our tight knit Middle Keys community. It takes an Island.  For more information visit to apply for the repair program and to volunteer with us today.  Office Phone 305-743-9828 Hurricane Irma affected residential property owners that are considering elevating their existing home, rebuilding their damaged home or mitigating against further storm damage need to register their property through the Monroe County website.  The purpose of registering the property is to be included in a County-wide list so we are prepared when government funding programs become available.  It is anticipated that programs designed for residential properties will be forthcoming once the State of Florida has completed their Disaster Recovery Plan. The County is applying for a grant program in August, 2018. The earliest the County will have funding to implement mitigation reconstruction projects (the County grant program) is early 2019. Please refer to the link below …

Public Aquatic Center Presentation

        At the July 11th Council meeting a presentation regarding a needs assessment and market analysis for a community pool was given. Click Here for Presentation

FDOT’s Plans for the Old 7-Mile Bridge

At June 13th Council Meeting Pablo Orozco from Florida Department of Transportation gave the attached presentation regarding the remodeling and updating of the Old 7-Mile Bridge

FDOT Projects start in Marathon

The Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT) is scheduled to begin three roadway improvement projects during the week of April 24, 2017.  All three projects will extend along SR 5/US 1/Overseas Highway: south of 33 Street to north of 37 Street; north end of the 7 Mile Bridge to south of Knight’s Key Boulevard; and Sombrero Beach Road to Coco Plum Drive, in Monroe County. Details on the projects can be found here:

Florida Keys Day

Florida Keys day is an event held annually since 2010 that many of our community leaders attend to advocate for issues and policies that affect our organizations and those who live in the Florida Keys as a unified voice to convey our unique needs to our state government.

Marathon Newsletter – Special Edition

Attached is a special edition newsletter dedicated to the young kids who volunteered their time this past weekend to clean up trash in some areas near the mangroves at the Marina.  Please read over and if you see these kids out thank them for their effort in the fantastic clean up.  They are our future and showing them to protect the earth will keep this place around for years to come.  Click here to download PDF version.  Enjoy!

The Islands of Marathon

“The Islands of Marathon” written and performed by John Bartus

Drone Information

All drone operators in Marathon must report to The Florida Keys Marathon International Airport before flight at 305-289-6060. Please Download the app “B4UFLY” and  get information at

Credit Card Convenience Fee

Effective January 1, 2017 Credit/Debit Card Transactions By Resolution 2016-96 A convenience fee of 2.15% of the total cost of the permit fees will be added to all credit/debit card transactions.

Marathon is Targeted for Vacation Rental Scams

ATTENTION VACATION RENTAL SCAM ALERT ! Vacationers and Property Managers- The City has recently verified several properties advertised on Craigslist illegally, that is, without the owners or property managers knowledge, approval or consent.              Use caution when responding to any online advertisements.  Please contact Marathon City Hall at 305-743-0033 and ask for the Code Department to confirm license and agent information is legitimate.  To verify a property has a legitimate vacation rental license check the City’s website here: You can also verify the owner of the property at the Monroe County Property Appraiser’s website here: The City of Marathon works very diligently to combat illegal rentals and fight internet fraud. If you know of any illegal rentals you can file a code complaint with the City and we will investigate.

Dan Gallagher Books available at Crane Point Museum Gift Store

Florida Keys Land & Sea Trust has reprinted Marathon and Marathon Matures by Dan Gallagher. Sold exclusively at Crane Point Museum Gift Store and purchase your copy of history.

Mosquito Questions in Marathon

While there has been many questions and much speculation as to the extent of illnesses that are spread by the ever present mosquito.  Below are links that will help to educate you about the situation. Mosquito Protection: What You Need to Know Florida Keys Mosquito Control  

City of Marathon 89th Street Canal Restoration Project

Canal restoration is an important and vital step in Marathon’s continued dedication to improve the overall quality of our nearshore waters and will have a positive impact on City property values, according to City Manager Chuck Lindsey.  The 89th Street canal restoration project is awarded to Mike Haack Excavating Inc. and is expected to begin on or about August 15th with a total contract time of 150 days.  The actual culvert installation is expected to be completed within a four week time period.  While the City and the Contractor will make every effort to maintain access to and from 89th Street, there will be times when road closures will be required.  The City will provide ample notice to all property owners on 89th Street regarding the schedule of any road closures via door hangers, letters, and public notices. The City’s Canal Restoration Project is a collaboration between the Florida Keys National Marine Sanctuary, the Florida Department of Environmental Protection, and a number of State and County stakeholders who are strongly supportive of local efforts to improve canal and adjacent nearshore water quality through the restoration of Keys’ canal systems.   The City of Marathon’s canal restoration project is partially funded through a grant by FDEP.   As additional funding becomes available, other water quality restoration projects will be considered.

TDC Updated Mosquito Safety Webpage

Mosquito-Borne Illnesses: Facts, Figures and Prevention The Keys county medical director discusses mosquito protection.   KEYS TOURISM ADVISORY     Jan. 25, 2016 • 10:15 a.m. News and Information from the Monroe County Tourist Development Council TDC Updates Mosquito Safety Web Page to Include Zika Discussion regarding the spread of the Zika virus has escalated during the past few weeks and Sunday the World Health Organization projected the mosquito-borne virus would spread to all of the Americas except Canada and Chile. Several people on mainland Florida and in other states have been reported as contracting Zika after visiting South America, but thus far there have been no reports of local transmissions in Florida. The Monroe County Tourist Development Council has updated its mosquito safety-related web page at to provide a resource to accurately communicate details regarding Zika and to provide common-sense protection tips. Included on the page is a short video with comments from Monroe County Medical Director Dr. Mark Whiteside as well as links to the Florida Department of Health, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and the Florida Keys Mosquito Control District. The information has been reviewed by the Florida Department of Health in Monroe County. Current key talking points include: Mosquito-borne illnesses such as dengue, chikungunya and Zika are viral diseases primarily transmitted by the Aedes aegypti mosquito, a freshwater breed common to the southeastern United States, the Bahamas, Caribbean, Central and South America as well as other tropical and subtropical These diseases are not spread person- to-person. Dengue fever, chikungunya and Zika viruses are currently not a health threat in the Florida Keys including Key West, according to Keys health The most common symptoms of Zika virus disease are fever, rash, joint pain and conjunctivitis (red eyes). The illness is usually mild with symptoms lasting from several days …

Marathon is Targeted for Vacation Rental Scams

 SCAM ALERT The City of Marathon has been identified as a target for rental scams this year.  Travelers are cautioned to be aware of and avoid illegal vacation rentals and internet scams aimed at potential renters. Scam include reproducing online adds, posing as relatives or friends of the homeowner, asking you to sign a rental contract for longer then you are staying,or illegally renting a property they do not own. Licensed vacation rental properties are required to be inspected to ensure that they meet current building and fire codes, have a local manager/representative available 24/7, and are required to follow safety regulations and adhere to regular cleaning and trash removal. To verify a property has a legitimate vacation rental license check the City’s website here: You can also verify the owner of the property at the Monroe County Property Appraiser’s website here: The City of Marathon works very diligently to combat illegal rentals and fight internet fraud.  For more information regarding Vacations Rental in the City visit our website at or contact us during regular business hours at 305-289-4108. Click the following link to read more about vacation rental fraud in the Keys. If you know of any illegal rentals you can file a code complaint with the City and we will investigate.

Handy Checklist from Marathon Fire Rescue

Marathon Fire Rescue would like to provide you with a quick and handy check list for your residential home. This checklist will aid in a safer home for you and your family. Marathon Fire Rescue is here for you if you have questions. Please feel free to contact us by Email or by phone at 305-289-8938, our website is

New Transient Rental Fraud…

The Monroe County Tax Collector has recently instituted a transient rental fraud hotline after a study was prepared for Monroe County’s Tourist Development Committee.  Click here to read more about the study

Fire Extinguisher Recall

Kidde, in conjunction with the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC), is announcing a voluntary recall to replace certain XL Fire Extinguisher units, because they may lose pressure faster than others due to an off-specification lubricant. This loss of pressure may result in the extinguisher failing to operate when activated. The affected units were manufactured in Mexico between October 2007 and April 2008. Kidde has no record of injuries due to the affected extinguishers. All fire extinguishers have the potential to lose pressure, and the gauges on the affected units continue to function and will alert you to any pressure loss. Because Kidde is concerned with product quality, we are working voluntarily with the CPSC to replace those affected extinguishers whose gauges are in the red. Click here for more information

Light Fixture Recall

In cooperation with the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission, Lithonia Lighting is voluntarily recalling solid green circuit boards used in Quantum® ELM and ELM2 incandescent fixtures sold between March 2010 and March 2014.  The fixture’s circuit board can overheat and cause the fixture to melt, catch fire, and ignite nearby items, posing a fire and burn hazard to consumers. Click Here for More Information

City of Marathon Home Buyers Assistance Program

Down Payment Assistance Loans The Marathon City Council created a Homebuyer Assistance Program by Ordinance 2010-01 to assist local families in the purchase of a home, provide down payment funds, along with homebuyer education and support. The City of Marathon will provide $10,000 down payment assistance loans to assist low and moderate income persons/families to assist in the purchase of a home.  The loan carries no interest and requires no monthly payments. Click Here for the City of Marathon Homebuyer Assistance Application and information. FOR MORE INFORMATION, Contact Middle Keys Community Land Trust (305) 743-5624 INCOME MAXIMUMS: One Person        $63,120 Two People        $72,240 Three People      $81,240 Four People        $90,240

Marathon Gov’t TV

The City of Marathon is now broadcasting City meetings live from our new Council Chambers. During scheduled times, live meetings can be viewed here: Check our calendar for times and locations of City of Marathon meetings: Click here for the most recent City Council Agenda: For copies of past meetings contact the City Clerk Department at 305-289-4130 or ——————————————————————————– Successful Viewing Tips: * Always start from * Save the above page to your favorites (not the recorded meeting) * You may need to refresh your screen a few times to view the live meeting broadcast.