Engagement at Coco Plum Beach

Two of our local live-a-boards got engaged in a very romantic way!

Zach and CJ met here in Boot Key Harbor last year.  Zach had plans of sailing the Caribbean, and left to do so.  CJ was so madly in love with him that she hopped on the next boat she could find and headed east to find him!

They did find each other, and came back to the City Marina together where they happily live.

Last week, Zach took CJ on a bi-plane ride.  Just a special treat, so she thought, from her loving boyfriend.
View of the Harbor

Little did CJ know that Zach had written a proposal in sea grass on Coco Plum Beach so big that it could be seen from the air!

She, of course, said yes, and they have been adorably glowing here ever since!  What a great young couple that we are happy to have at the marina.
The Happy Couple

July 2015