FEMA Species Focus Area Guidance and Maps

FEMA SOP GraphicOn January 11, 2011 the United State District Court, Southern District of Florida approved a settlement (Case No 90-10037-CIV-MOORE) between the National Wildlife Federation, Florida Wildlife Federation, and Defenders of Wildlife (Plaintiffs) VS Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) and the U.S. Department of the Interior (Defendants) concerning the protection of endangered species in the Florida Keys.

The settlement requires that local governments in the Florida Keys participating in the National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP) adopt a revised floodplain management ordinance in compliance with the terms of the settlement and the Fish and Wildlife Service Biological Opinion (BO) dated December 14, 2010.

The Settlement also adopts Species Focus Area Maps and Species Assessment Guides and obligates local governments (City of Marathon) to implement a program to assess the impacts of proposed development in consideration of the species location maps and associated species guides.

The City of Marathon has begun implementing the Assessment Program. An outline of the review process is shown below for the three (3) endangered species potentially found in the Middle Keys, including Marathon, Key Colony Beach and the Unincorporated County area:

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The City is obligated to review and assess all permit applications. This review will be made quickly and as seamlessly as possible so that your permit application is approved expeditiously. In very rare instances review may take additional time. When you receive your permit you will be required, particularly for properties that are on the new species focus area list, to sign an acknowledgement statement as part of permit issuance. Otherwise, you will be provided brochures concerning the endangered species potentially located in the Middle Florida Keys.

The City will make all of the necessary information available on its web-site for those who will need it for permit submittal/review, land transactions, or other professional consulting needs.

Available for download:

Written Standard Operating Procedures for permitting
Graphic Standard Operating Procedures for permitting
• Species Assessment Guides for
Key Tree Cactus
Stock Island Tree Snail
Easter Indigo Snake
Marathon Cat Brochure
Marathon (Middle Keys) Species Assessment Form
• Marathon (Middle Keys) Species Focus Area List by RE Number
Key Colony Beach
Middle Keys Unincorporated (Duck Key and Conch Key)
Middle Keys Species Focus Area Map

Map is very large and will take time to download