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Florida Cities

Cities in Florida are created when the Legislature responds to a request from the people living in a local area who want that area to become a city. The people making the request usually do so because they desire to determine their service delivery and to have a voice in governing themselves.


The Mayor shall preside at all meetings of the council and shall be recognized as head of the city government for service of process, ceremonial matters, and the signature or execution of ordinances, contracts, deeds, bonds, and other instruments and documents.

The Mayor shall have no administrative duties other than those necessary to accomplish these actions, or such other actions as may be authorized by the City Council, consistent with general or special law.  The Mayor is selected from among the City Council at its organizational meeting each year.

Council Members

Council members decide policy and create laws, but unlike the other forms of municipal government, the council-manager form has a city manager.

City Manager

The city manager is appointed by a majority of the council for an indefinite term and can be removed only by a majority of the council. City managers are responsible for municipal administration, as well as supervising and coordinating departments, appointing and removing directors, and making regular reports to the council.