Florida Highway Beautification Grant Proposal  |  Current Minutes

Marathon City Council desired to enhance the overall appearance of the community by the implementation of a City-wide beautification and appearance improvement program. The City Council desires to provide a safe and welcoming environment for all of its residents; and to encourage its residents to become involved in the beautification of the City. The City Council also desires to instill a sense of pride in the Community of Marathon that will result in an improvement of the City for its residents and visitors

Membership and Term:
The Board shall be comprised of seven (7) members.  The composition of the Board shall include two at large members, which shall be a representative  the Florida Department of Transportation, and the Florida Department of Environmental Protection.  The remaining five members shall be residents of Marathon, and are appointed by City Council. The members serve a term concurrent with that of the appointing Councilmember.

Willie Gonzalez
Linnea Cunningham
Judy Shaw
Patty Ivey
Josh Mothner
Frank Greenman