The City of Marathon City Council enacts ordinances, which are part of the Municipal Code, and resolutions, which are not part of the code but are legally binding.

Both ordinances and resolutions are numbered consecutively, with the number preceded by the year enacted.  So if you are looking for resolution ‘2016-124’, you would find it under resolutions for the year 2016. _

An Ordinance is an official legislative action which establishes “a regulation of a general and permanent nature and enforceable as a local law” (s. 166.041(1)(a), F.S.).

If there is something that you are looking for and cannot find here we will be more than happy to help you with it.  Contact the City Clerk Department at 305-289-4130 or submit a public records request that can be found here or the downloadable form here.

Ordinances by Year
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A Resolution is a less substantial action and may be “an expression…concerning matters of administration, an expression of a temporary character, or a provision for the disposition of a particular item of the administrative business of the government body” (s. 166.041(1)(b), F.S.).

Resolutions by Year
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Minutes are an action summary of a public meeting.

Minutes by Year
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