Current Code Agenda

Current Code Minutes

Code Compliance Mission Statement:
To make information readily available to the public, for the purpose of promoting community awareness of and encourage compliance with the City Municipal Codes to enhance the quality of life and foster civic pride and responsibility.

The Code Compliance Board is comprised of the following seven members who are appointed by and serve at the discretion of the City Council.


James Leonard
Ryan Frederick
David Grego
John Repetto
Trevor Wofsey


An ex-parte communication is defined as any contact, conversation, communication, writing, correspondence, memorandum or any other verbal or written communication that takes place outside a public hearing between a member of the public and a member of a quasi-judicial board, regarding matters which are to be heard and decided by said quasi-judicial board.  Site visits and expert opinions are also considered ex-parte communications.  In the event that someone contacts a Board Member about a quasi-judicial matter outside of a public meeting, at such time that particular issue is brought before the Board, the Board Member must state on the record the existence of any ex-parte communication, the nature of the communication, the party who originated the ex-parte communication and whether the ex-parte communication will affect the Board Member’s ability to impartially consider the evidence presented.