BVIThis year has been a great year here at Boot Key Harbor City Marina. We have had the pleasure of welcoming many new cruisers to the harbor, welcoming back quite a few cruisers who hadn’t been here in a while, and welcoming our seasonal locals who come here every year. The common thread between them, of all the things, has been their excitement over the new cruisers’ bags. Apparently they have reached near iconic status! Several first-timers to Boot Key Harbor were thrilled they “finally have bags of their own” after seeing them in various ports across the globe, and repeat visitors were excited to see what this year’s color would be.

We got such a kick out of the stories of our bags traveling the world that we are inviting you to share your bag’s “tote-ally amazing voyages” with us here on the website!

Share your interesting uses for the bags, neat places your bags have been, new “adopted” families or folks you may have gifted your bags to, or just plain fun photos.  Please ensure all photos submitted are suitable for all audiences and submit to

Please include a brief story of the pictures, the name of your vessel, and the location where the photo was taken. We will link photos to a location pin featured on our world map for all cruisers to see! Thanks to all of our locals and cruisers that make Boot Key Harbor the special place it is…this web page is for you!

May 2014