The Marathon City Council recommends that each citizen of the city take five steps now to begin the process of reducing greenhouse gas and air pollution emissions in the community:

1. Change at least one incandescent light bulb to a CFL bulb.

2. Take a cloth bag to the supermarket and use it instead of a plastic bag

3. Turn your home and business thermostats up by two degrees

4. Recycle plastic bottles, aluminum and tin cans, corrugated cardboard and newspapers every week

5. Plant a tree in your yard


Simple Solutions to Increase Mileage and Reduce Your Carbon Footprint:

1. Avoid Rapid Starts and Stops

2. Ride the “Green Wave”

3. Use Air Conditioning at Higher Speeds

4. Maintain an Optimum Highway Speed for Good Mileage

5. Use Cruise Control

6. Avoid Idling

7. Buy an Automated Pass for Toll Roads

8. Use the Highest Gear Possible

9. Keep Your Cool

10. Obey your Check Engine Light