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”Building Livable Communities – One Homeowner at a Time”

The Middles Keys Community Land Trust is a private, non-profit organization whose mission is to provide affordable housing for working families in the Florida Keys. The Trust constructs or rehabilitates homes, but retains ownership of the land. Thus, the Trust assures the availability of affordable quality housing in perpetuity.

The Trust offers properties for sale and for rent. In the Home Buyer Program, the buyer purchases the home and other improvements and receives a 99-year renewable ground lease. The resale of the home is determined by an indexed formula, which limits the resale price of the home, thereby keeping it affordable for future buyers. The Land Trust model is a program to create quality shelter, it is not a commodity investment. We help people find a place to call home.

The Middle Keys Community Land Trust continues to proactively partner with the City of Marathon and the Monroe County Land Authority to acquire parcels of land to construct new home or purchase existing units to preserve affordability for the workforce of our Keys-wide community.

To become a part of the Middle Keys Community Land Trust please contact us at 305-743-5624, information@mkclt.org