Re: Clare Eqizio

Dear Sir’s,

I would like to take this opportunity to let you know on Tuesday, November 29, 2016 I came to your office and met Clare who gladly assisted me with getting a permit for the personal residence of Robert Smara. She was so very helpful and went over the call of duty to get the job done in time for the 5:00 deadline. It is not very often you come across such dedication. I just wanted to make you aware of the fine job she is doing and I, for one am very grateful.

William Fenton Langston

Lindsay Rabito
Sent: Thursday, March 19, 2015 10:23 AM
To: Mike Puto
Subject: Stacy Charlton

 Good Morning Mike:

 I have to take a moment of your time to mention one of your City employees, Stacy Charlton.

 I had a question from a client that I did not know the answer to and in order to make sure I was relaying the correct information to him, I made an appointment with Stacy.   She went over and above to make sure I understood the answers to all the questions I asked and since there were many, took the extra time to make sure I understood  everything she told me.  She also offered to speak to my client if he wished but once I relayed all the information to him he felt very comfortable with the answers and asked me to thank her for him.

 It is so comforting and reassuring to have a City employee who will take the time and patience that Stacy did.  I will highly recommend her to anyone who needs assistance in her department.

 Sincerely yours,
Lindsay Rabito-Leonard, REALTOR

From: Gay Marie Smith
Sent: Thursday, March 19, 2015 4:56 PM
To: Stacy Charlton
Subject: Fw: Big Thank You!

Stacy – I would like to send this to you as said below not only is Melissa a great help to me with my projects, she helped a good friend of mine who does the permitting for their company and had never submitted anything to the City of Marathon.

Melissa is a great asset to the City of Marathon Bldg. Dept.!!

Gay Marie Smith

On Wednesday, March 18, 2015 7:56 PM, Gay Marie Smith wrote: 

Hi Melissa – Thank you for being helpful to Lisa today of Reef Tropical Pools.  She was very happy with you and said you made her process easy.  I knew I was putting her in good hands with you as you are always helpful and pleasant whenever I call or stop by! 

Great job Melissa! Would like to forward this email if you could send me the email addresses.

Have a great day! 

Gay Marie Smith


From: Jerry Weeks
Sent: Tuesday, May 20, 2014 7:57 AM
To: Council; Mike Puto; Sean Cannon; CityofMarathon
Subject: marina

To Marathon Officials

 We are on a 41′ sailboat from Fairhope, AL and we were headed to the Bahama’s in March and stopped here for one day to re-provision.  Due to the high wind and my scrambled brain, we had a very difficult time securing our boat to the dock and Sean and Matt kept us from damaging our boat, two other boats and even the dock.  Without their personal help we could not have made it.  The next week we had to go to the boatyard for engine repair and on return all mooring balls were taken and the wind was again high so we repeated the keystone kop enactment.  Again the marina staff saved major damage, which they also did when I left to tie up to a ball.  Sailboats don’t back up well and we had to turn around in the narrow channel at the dock and absolutely could not have done it without Sean shouting instructions to me from the dock.

 Due to the weather and boat repairs, we are still here and have observed many days of seasoned sailors, irate customers, elderly dummies like me with CRS disease and new boaters with no knowledge of the water, come and go.  At no time was your staff ever non professional, discurteous or disrespectful, something I doubt I could have done on tranquilizers.   There is no one at the marina I would not be honored to work with as you should also be honored to have such representation for your fair city.

Jerry Weeks
S/V Encore
19888 Hunters Loop
Fairhope, AL  36532


From: Garry Stine
Sent: Wednesday, November 06, 2013 12:13 PM
To: Lorie Mullins
Subject: Re:


Again, thank you!

It has been a pleasure working you and your staff on both of these projects.  Your staff has been very accommodating, helpful and very friendly.

Also, please let Ben and Wally know that it was a pleasure working with them.  I hope Perillo & Associates gets some more project in Marathon because of you and your staff.

Garry Stine
VP of Operations

Perillo & Associates, LLC
27800 Lincoln Place
Wesley Chapel, FL 33544
CGC1508834 * CUC1224938 * CFC1248479

lineFrom: “Ryan Crossings”
Date: Mon, Jul 1, 2013 12:49 pm
Subject: Lighthouse Sign
To: “CityofMarathon”
My family and I were just there on vacation for a few days.  We snorkeled at Sombrero Lighthouse during our stay.  I wanted to let you know your lighthouse welcome signs are the best looking  welcome signs of any city I’ve ever seen in the USA.  They look great.   Also, do you know where small souveneirs/replicas can be purchased?

If not, I am sure they will sell.

Ryan Griffeth_

e-mail of February, 2012

Hi Jenny

My name is Terry Tonn on Glass Island.  I have spent the last two months on your floating dock. I’m pulling out today northbound back to NC.  I just wanted to thank you, Richard, Ann, and all your staff for an enjoyable stay here in Marathon. I know after working in public service most of my career that it sometimes becomes very tiring keeping people from all types of life happy. Anyway my experience here has been very good and I hope to return next year.

Again… thanks for all you do, and know that there are many happy customers out here.

Letter from January, 2012

Clara, Max, Carson & Lanny,

Thank you for allowing us to visit your fire station.  What a special field trip!  All of you did an excellent job teaching our babies and toddlers about fire safety.  We greatly appreciate your time and thoughtfulness.

With Gratitude,

Caitlin Sedlak
BTC Marathon
Playgroups Teacher and Leader


e-mail of January 26, 2012

Hello Lorie,

After I finished my last house, I truly forgot to thank you and the City staff for the priceless help and assistance you all gave me through out.

Once again, I have no words to express how happy I am to have become a local and to do business in this City.

Thank you.

Guillermo Torres Jr.
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January 2012 Letter
Thank you.  We appreciate your great facility and friendly, helpful staff at the Marathon City Marina.  You made our stay in Marathon an extremely pleasant experience.
Tom Nahrstedt
January, 2012 Letter

 City Marina Staff,Thanks for maintaining such a nice facility.  We had a fantastic visit to Marathon.The Brady’s on the Jersey Girl, Mooring V8 12/2/11 – 1/5/12


email of November 1st

I have been out of town since last Friday.

Thank you for the fax and for everything you did to help me accomplished my goal on time. Believe it or not, the expiration day of my construction loan was 10-31-11. This would have mean a waste of two months to take my presentation to the bank  committee  again, plus a three or four thousand dollars hit.

Please thank everyone at the City that worked with my plans. For every errors that my plans presented during the revision process, they  demonstrated an immediate intention and attention in helping resolve it quickly. Proof and point, even do we wasted almost two weeks because engineering errors. The plans were ready in less than thirty days.

I could not ask for a better response. I HONESTLY think that every person that is involve in the construction business of this City should be thank full.

Thank you.

Guillermo Torres Jr.
Skylight Security Systems, Inc
12925 SW 132 ST  Suite 5A
Miami, FL 33186


Letter dated October 31st, 2011
Detective Sgt.
Linda Mixon 
To: Chief of Marathon Fire RescueReference: Letter of RecognitionDate: 10/31/2011

                On Tuesday October 25th, 2011, I had to bring my mother into Fishermen’s Hospital due to complications from a previous surgery the week prior. They determined that she needed to be transported to South Miami Hospital.  I then had the privilege of meeting Fire Medics: George Martinez and Isreal Duneas.  What great employees you have in these two.  They graciously transported not only my mother but myself.  They were very personable and continuously talked with us on the way and calmed the situation.  They were very compassionate and very organized as well as comforting.  I wanted you to know how much we appreciated these two employees that you have.  They are a true asset to your agency and their dedication shows.  Please recognize them both.  Thank you.


e-mail of July 28, 2011

Please know that I have received Exceptional customer service this day, proivded by your Manager of Public Works, Mr. Carlos Solis. Carlos, I truly appreciated your demeanor, knowlege and excellent customer service skills.  Right on, City of Marathon for quality people!Thank you so very much,

Marathon, FL (a satified tax payer).


e-mail of April 29, 2011

I had the need this morning to contact the city clerk for some advice on obtaining legal property documents.    I have found in my 7 yrs here that most people I have contacted here are not necessarily rude but don’t go to far to help you.  I call it Keys disease.  This observation is just general and not necessarily dealing with any government entity, however, Diane, your city clerk is at the opposite end of the spectrum.    This lady went above and beyond to assist me in finding my solution.    What a gem and a pleasure to deal with.    No she is not a relative of mine,  I have never met her before but it speaks so well for the city to have this kind of attitude greet you on the phone.    On the 10 scale I give her an 11.


Article from (Keynoter) posted on Saturday, March 26, 2011

In this day and age, when we are all so disenchanted with our government at all levels, I was not expecting much when I phoned the Monroe County Sheriff’s Office to report a boat dumping tires into a canal in broad daylight.Instead, several groups at the county, state and local levels worked together seamlessly. Phone calls were made and information was forwarded, and the tires were picked up four days later.For this I wish to express my gratitude and thanks to Edward Russell and Lisa at the state Department of Environmental Protection, who forwarded photos my husband took of the offending vessel to the state Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission; FWC Lt. David Dipre, who contacted me to gather information; Richard Jones of Monroe County Marine Resources, who also made calls on my behalf; and Richard Tanner at the City of Marathon Marina, who came out by boat with an assistant to retrieve the tires from the water.

All of these individuals were as outraged as I was by this selfish, disrespectful act. As of this writing, the perpetrators have not yet been identified, but with the help of these caring public employees, I am hopeful that they will be.

Helene Colonna



Letter from March, 2011

I had the misfortune of being involved in a rear-end collision on Monday morning (Feb. 28) on US1 and t Street.  I would like to thank everyone who came to my aid, from the gentleman who was at my side as soon as soon as my car came to a stop to the EMT’s and to everyone who took care of me at Fisherman’s Hospital.  I have lived in Marathon for 25 years and never had the need for these great people to come to my aid, but when they did, their kindness and professionalism was outstanding.  I don’t know who the gentlemen was who appeared at my side when my car finally came to a stop, but “Thank You” who ever you are for staying with me until the EMT’s arrived.  Thank you to the ambulance crew, you guys are awesome and last but certainly not least, thank you to everyone who took care of me at Fisherman’s Hospital.  Not to be forgotten is the FHP officer who came to the hospital to return my drivers license, he couldn’t have been nicer.  I am so lucky to live in a community of such wonderful and caring people.  My car is history but I am thankful that I was the first car at the red light and wasn’t “sandwiched” with another car when hit and also very lucky that there wasn’t another car coming out of 109th Street for it could have been so much worse.Sincerely,Karen Kelly


Letter from March, 2011

Letter to Marathon Fire Rescue

I just wanted to let you know how much I appreciate all the firefighters and trainees that have helped me this past month.  My blood pressure machine broke and I need to take my pressure twice a day.  I have been coming to the firehouse twice a day and the people there have been so professional and personable, they have always shown courtesy to me and that means quite a lot.  Everyone seems to go out of their way to help me, thanks to you all.  You are very lucky to have the type of people working for this community that you do.  I just wanted to make sure someone recognized the quality people you have.

Thanks again,

Pastor Bob Robinson, Ohio


Letter from November, 2010

Letter to Jason Backhaus, Edwin Marquez, Chris Cameron, Sam Wegner, Thomas WohlersThanks to all of you who took such gentle and professional care of me.  Angels be with you.Helen Calchpole White

email of November 2, 2010

From: Nancy Komenda
Sent: Tuesday, November 02, 2010 12:48 PM
To: Richard Tanner
Subject: Marina Staff

Richard Tanner,

My wife and I have a sailboat, a Hunter 410 called “Illusion”. We came into Boot Key Harbor in 2004. We have our boat at Marathon Boat Yard, in October we splash it and stay at the Marathon City Marina, we put in the “hard” in May. We have a seasonal business on Cape Cod, a motel so we have to go home and work during the spring, summer and fall.

Under the leadership of Richard Tanner, there is a great staff at the marina. Jeff, Sean, Jenny, Matt, Anne, and Bob “are all of great assistance to mariners in the mooring field and on the docks”.

We appreciate all the upgrades Marathon has made to the marina.  Every year since 2004, we have seen great improvements.  I expect soon it will be so crowded we will be unable to find a spot to moor or dock.

The East coast knows about Boot Key Harbor. You didn’t have a mooring in the mooring field, during the winter season last year. When the boater’s leave here for home, they say on the net “this best harbor and Marina in the USA, Boot Key Harbor in Marathon.”

Jeff and Nancy Komenda


e-mail of October 6, 2010

I am sending this to you in regards to Hillary Harrison. I would like to let you and those within the City know that  she demonstrates a high level of customer service, knowledge and professionalism. I needed some information on a building permit (for a bank); I could not come up with the necessary information from Tax Collector / Property Appraiser, as permits were still open. I called Marathon Building Department where I spoke with Hillary, who informed me she had a few irons in fire and would get the information as soon as she completed the tasks she was working on.

Hillary had the information in my hand in less than 24 hours and asked if I needed anything else, a rare question from many employees.

I felt that the leaders in the City of Marathon should know they have an employee that cares about her job and the people who depend on them for information.  As a former Islamorada Mayor and Councilman I can say with confidence that Hillary is an asset to your City.


Best Regards;

James V. Mooney Jr P. A.  AHWD
Moorings Realty, Inc.


e-mail of August 15, 2010

Ms Snead & Mr Hernstadt,

It is a rare scenario that I actually take the time to do an outreach like this. My wife and I sailed into Marathon during a storm in mid April, and the staff at the marina, combined with the people we have had the pleasure to meet in town made us decided to stay in Marathon, and call it home.

I my past fifteen years of have been producing large corporate trade-shows and conferences I have had the privilege of being accustomed to a very high level of service.  I want to let you both know that I am thoroughly impressed by the whole team and especially the management at the Marina for the city of Marathon.  Every experience I have had so far has been top notch, and driven by customer service.  Just the other day an employee went out of their way to answer questions for me that were in no way related to their core responsibilities, but helped me solve a technical issue I was having.

I see the challenges that the team running the marina face with certain elements, and in each case that I have noticed from afar, they are being professional, honest, and doing what is in the best interest of the city and the individuals that call Boot Key Harbor home.

You truly have a special team running this operation for the city, and as they are the official greeters for most people that arrive from the water, some traveling from distances far away, I can tell you with certainty that you should be proud that they are a key face of the city.

I am sure that no operation is ever successful without effective management, guidelines, and oversight, and with that in mind I want to thank you both personally as well for supporting and leading this team.


Charles Badoian


Letter of July 16, 2010
Lt. Jodie Devitt, Rodolfo Rodriguez & Jason MachadoMarathon Fire Rescue
8900 Overseas Highway
Marathon, FL  33050Dear Lt. Devitt et al,

I wish to thank you for your assistance on the night of July 5, 2010.  You took good care of me while I was transferred to Fishermen’s Hospital.  Everyone was extremely nice, showed great concern, and treated me with the utmost respect.  You were made of aware of my condition and treated me promptly and saved me from the serious harm that could have resulted otherwise.  I thank you for your caring concern, and feel good knowing that Marathon has such wonderful people working on behalf of its citizens,

Thanks again for all you do.  While I hope to never need your services again, I know if I do require assistance, I hope to find the same great level of care from the same smiling faces.


Robert W. Endholz


e-mail of May 15, 2010
From: Wayne Lotsberg
Sent: Saturday, May 15, 2010 8:43 PM
To: Richard Tanner
Subject: Good Job!!


I want to express our appreciation for the great “Customer Service” that you and your crew provide to us boaters when we are at your facility – and even beyond. We have spent two winters in Marathon and have been given pleasant, courteous attention by you and your entire crew.

We have been on extended cruising for the last 10 years and have consequently been at many East coast marinas from Maine to Key West, and in the Bahamas. In some places we have been made to feel like we were “interrupting” something in the normal processes of boating, docking, or conducting business. Marathon certainly could be an example of positive service for some of these marinas.

Having managed businesses myself, I know that the most often heard words are complaints, so I want to pass on compliments to you for creating such a “Boater Friendly” atmosphere. You and your staff are always ready to help or answer questions. You are very gracious when given a compliment, and refer to the staff as doing a good job. But, having been there, done that, I know that the person in charge creates the example and manages the operation, and therefore deserve credit. Hats off to you, Richard.

In the first paragraph, I mentioned “beyond” Marathon. By that I mean that we just received mail that had been sent to Marathon after we left, and someone took the time and effort to look up our names and addresses and forward that mail to our permanent address. Just another example of how you guys “go the extra mile” in providing service that is not expected.

Please pass along a “Hello” and our compliments to Austin, Anne, Jenny, Jeff, Sean and Bob for us.

Thanks again,
Wayne Lotsberg & Leslie Ward
M/V Easy Duet


e-mail of April 26, 2010
From: Dorothy Mattern
Sent: Monday, April 26, 2010 12:13 PM
To: Eric Dunford
Cc: William Wagner
Subject:flare and fire expo

Good Morning Capt. Dunford,
Thank you and the Marathon Fire Department for helping make this CG Auxiliary event a success. Even with the 20 knot winds we were able to give boaters some good safety lessons concerning flares and fire. Marcos Orozco gave an excellent talk and answered questions about extinguishers. Christopher Flynn was the other fireman present. Both were a credit to the Department!

We had many positive comments from the people that came and actually got to be “hands on” with flares and the hear the explanation of fire extinguisher use. Each said how informative it was…the flare and fire demonstrations, being able to board the 33′ CGboat, the safety equipment displays, and of course they liked the free cushions, hot dogs drinks and chips provided by Centennial Bank!

We ended up with four large boxes of outdated flares and aerials that the Sheriff’s department picked up at the end of the day.  With this successful learning experience, we look forward to next winter and planning another event such as this.Sincerely,

Dottie Mattern FSO-IS
US Coast Guard Auxiliary
Flotilla 13-2
e-mail of April 7, 2010

We were weathered in for over 1 week this winter and what a winter is was!!My wife and I were very pleased with the professionalism of the staff, the cleanliness of the facility and general operation of the marina.We plan on returning next winter and extending our stay for the month.

Keep up the good facility.

Frank and Pam Mathon

Tuggin’ Aweigh

R25 Ranger


e-mail of March 6, 2010
Sent: Saturday, March 06, 2010 5:54 PM
To: William Wagner
Cc: Lisa Watson; Clara Werner
Subject: chris sanchezChief Wagner III

              Recently while on vacation  I was transported by your department to  fishermen’s hospital which to say the least was very unpleasant , however your crew and especially Mr. Sanchez made an unfortunate experience very tolerable . Mr. Sanchez was very professional and provided excellent care, his attitude was excellent! his patient care excellent !!! Mr. Sanchez made quick and decisive decisions assuring my comfort and safety .It is my opinion  as an ems / fire-rescue employee of 26 years that Mr. Sanchez deserves the recognition of outstanding service, he is a credit to your department and has left  a very positive impression of marathon-fire rescue . The citizens of marathon are very lucky to have such an outstanding fire service and i will sleep better knowing that while on vacation here i will be in such capable hands if the need should ever arise again .I sincerely want to thank all of the crew members  that responded to my call as well as the two emt students that were present, who by the way were in my  opinion very lucky to have Mr. Sanchez willing to share his knowledge and experience with , as i witnessed first hand, very lucky. from me and my family thank you,thank you!!!!
Thank you again for the excellent service
Jesus Ortiz  Pmd- RLT
Alachua County Fire Rescue
As published in the Florida Keys Keynoter Wednesday, March 03, 2010

What we always knew has been validated by the actions of those that were involved with the fire in our mobile home on Feb. 20, specifically, that this community cares about its own.While the loss of the material items is tough to deal with, the demise of our childhood residence is devastating. Our mom and dad brought this trailer to this very address in 1968. We were raised here, accumulating more than 40 years of memories.Our heartfelt thanks to the firefighters, the Sheriff’s Office deputies, the staff of the Marathon Veterinarian Hospital, to those friends and neighbors who so unselfishly offered to help in any way they can, and continue to do so. These friendships are beyond measurable value.

You are our heroes, one and all.

Denise Child-Pankow

Dana, Hannah and Aydan



As published in the Florida Keys Keynoter Saturday, February 13, 2010

My mother Frances was taken by ambulance on Feb. 8th from my home to Fisherman’s Hospital due to an accident in which her finger was severed and hanging by a thread.

The purpose of this note is to express my sincere appreciation along with my mother’s.  The outstanding service, kindness, gentleness and respect shown to both of us by Rudy and his crew was amazing.  My mother is 86 and they put her at ease (as well as me; I was very stressed), explaining what was happening along with what was needed.

I am very grateful to all of those who came to our aide.  Rudy and the crew will always be in our thoughts as an outstanding group of men.  They were well versed and attentive.

I also know Clara; she is amazing.  Marathon is blessed with such talent with our fire-rescue personnel and EMT’s.

Charlotte Quinn