BPAS is the City’s Building Permit Allocation System which regulates residential development in the City.  All new residential structures must obtain a BPAS allocation.

BPAS allocations are awarded two (2) times a year.  To be considered for an allocation, a completed application must have entered BPAS no later than 5:00 PM on the day before the start of the Allocation Period.  The dates of the Allocation Periods and the number of allocations issued for each are below.

Allocation Period 1 – July 14 to January 13
Market Rate = 12  Affordable = 3

Allocation Period 2 – January 14 to July 13
Market Rate = 12  Affordable = 3

Total – Market Rate = 24  Affordable = 6

The proposed ranking of applications in BPAS are now available.

Click here to view the BPAS Attachment A, Market Rate List.

Click here to view the BPAS Attachment B, Affordable List.

There will be a public hearing regarding these rankings at and must be approve by City Council to become final.