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In order to protect and improve the quality of our near shore waters for boating, fishing, snorkeling and diving, the City of Marathon initiated a major wastewater and stormwater improvement program. These improvements will improve water quality, protect public health and enhance the City’s economic vitality.

The Utilities Department functions include maintaining stormwater structures and lines, several wastewater treatment facilities including buildings, equipment and force main and vacuum collection lines, reclaimed water systems, biosolids/sludge management, well monitoring and injection systems, fuel tanks and vehicles, telemetry, odor control systems, permit compliance, budgeting and reporting.

To contact the Utilities Department call (305) 289-5005.

Amortization Schedule for Area 5
Amortization Schedule for Areas 1,3,5, and 7
Amortization Schedule for Areas 4 and 6

In which Service Area is my home or business located?
Service Area 3: Vaca Key West (Knight’s Key to 39th St)
Service Area 4: Vaca Key Central (39th St to 60th St)
Service Area 5: Vaca Key East (60th St to Vaca Cut)
Service Area 6:  Fat Deer Key West – Coco Plum (Vaca Cut to Coco Plum)
Service Area 7:  Grassy Key (Fat Deer Key East through Grassy Key)

How much will it cost?
On June 24, 2008 the City adopted an Initial Assessment Resolution (Resolution 2008-96) which established the assessment methodology and amounts for System Development Charges.  The Resolution includes a Wastewater Improvements Assessment Program Report which provides detailed information on the City’s assessment program.

When will I be required to pay my System Development Charge?
Residential and commercial customers located in Service Areas 4 and 6 will be assessed for System Development Charges beginning in the fall of 2008.  All other Service Areas are scheduled to be assessed in the fall of 2009.  All customers will be given the option to either prepay the assessment amount in full, or pay it over 20 years (with finance and administrative costs included) as a non-ad valorem assessment on the annual property tax bill.

Where will my vacuum pit or point of connection to the City wastewater system be located?
For more information on the location of your vacuum pit or point of connection to the City Wastewater system, please contact the Utilities Department (305) 289-5005 to schedule an appointment.

Is the City including other neighborhood improvements as part of the wastewater project?
Concurrent with the City’s wastewater project construction, the City is also constructing stormwater management facilities and repaving City roads.  A water re-use component is included for large users.